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bictegravir Bictegravir inhibits the strand transfer activity of HIV-1 integrase (integrase strand transfer inhibitor; INSTI), an HIV-1 encoded enzyme that is required for viral replication. Inhibition of integrase prevents the integration of linear HIV-1 DNA into host genomic DNA, blocking the formation of the HIV-1 provirus and propagation of the virus.
tenofovir alafenamide a phosphonoamidate prodrug of tenofovir (2'deoxyadenosine monophosphate analog). Plasma exposure to tenofovir alafenamide allows for permeation into cells and then tenofovir alafenamide is intracellularly converted to tenofovir through hydrolysis by cathepsin A. Tenofovir is subsequently phosphorylated by cellular kinases to the active metabolite tenofovir diphosphate. Tenofovir diphosphate inhibits HIV replication through incorporation into viral DNA by the HIV reverse transcriptase, which results in DNA chain-termination
emtricitabine A deoxycytidine analog and REVERSE TRANSCRIPTASE INHIBITOR with antiviral activity against HIV-1 and HEPATITIS B viruses. It is used to treat HIV INFECTIONS.

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