NITROGEN NF COA. PRAXAIRCENTRAL MCGOWAN COMPANY, INC. PRAXAIR, INC.CUSTOMER PICK-UP INVER GROVEST CLOUD, MN 56301 1-800-PRAXAIRPraxair Number: 8523608 BUSINESS CONFIDENTIALLIQUID NITROGEN NFMinimum purity of 99.9980% by differenceLot Number: NI 998 061614 119 0942 Product Fill Date Trailer Time ID Location (Of Fill) Number (Of Fill)Component Specification Analytical Result Analytical MethodCO <10 ppm <0.05 ppm LDL Servomex 4100H20 <5 ppm 0.24 ppm N/AODOR ND ND OrganolepticO2 <8 ppm 1.12 ppm Rosemount TO2 /DPPRODUCT IS IDENTIFIED AS NITROGEN THROUGH PROCESS VALIDATION, DEDICATED PIPING AND PRODUCT SPECIFIC CGA CONNECTIONS.Authorized PRAXAIR RepresentativeLDL: Lower Detection Limit Of AnalyzerSTC 1025 1/97 Rev. CUSTOMER. CentMcGowan NitrogenCOA Label.