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Stem definitionDrug idCAS RN
steroids not used as glucocorticosteroids 2727 67-78-7



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  • triamcinolone diacetate
  • aristocort diacetate
  • polcortolon
lysyl oxidase antagonist; Polcortolon may also refers to triamcinolone
  • Molecular weight: 478.51
  • Formula: C25H31FO8
  • CLOGP: 1.90
  • HAC: 8
  • HDO: 2
  • TPSA: 127.20
  • ALOGS: -4.30
  • ROTB: 6

  • Status: OFM

  • Legend:
    OFP - off patent
    OFM - off market
    ONP - on patent

Drug dosage:


ADMET properties:



March 12, 1959 FDA SANDOZ

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Female)

MedDRA adverse event termLikelihood ratioLikelihood ratio thresholdPatients taking drug having adverse eventPatients taking drug not having adverse eventPatients not taking drug having adverse eventPatients not taking drug not having adverse event
Psoriasis 71.74 64.54 24 320 68976 50535804

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Male)


FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Geriatric)


FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Pediatric)


Pharmacologic Action:

FDA MoA N0000175450 Corticosteroid Hormone Receptor Agonists
FDA EPC N0000175576 Corticosteroid
MeSH PA D004791 Enzyme Inhibitors
CHEBI has role CHEBI:35472 anti-inflammatory drugs
CHEBI has role CHEBI:50857 anti-allergic drugs
MeSH PA D000893 Anti-Inflammatory Agents
MeSH PA D005938 Glucocorticoids
MeSH PA D006728 Hormones

Drug Use (View source of the data)

Disorder of musculoskeletal system indication 928000 DOID:17
Cerebral edema indication 2032001
Lichen planus indication 4776004 DOID:9201
Berylliosis indication 8247009 DOID:10322
Psoriasis indication 9014002 DOID:8893
Ankylosing spondylitis indication 9631008 DOID:7147
Rheumatic heart disease indication 23685000
Atopic dermatitis indication 24079001 DOID:3310
Inflammatory bowel disease indication 24526004 DOID:0050589
Multiple sclerosis indication 24700007 DOID:2377
Severe adrenal insufficiency indication 24867002
Sarcoidosis indication 31541009 DOID:11335
Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura indication 32273002 DOID:8924
Psoriasis with arthropathy indication 33339001
Keloid scar indication 33659008
Crohn's disease indication 34000006
Tendinitis indication 34840004 DOID:971
Erythema multiforme indication 36715001
Contact dermatitis indication 40275004 DOID:2773
Angioedema indication 41291007 DOID:1558
Miliary tuberculosis indication 47604008 DOID:9861
Humoral hypercalcemia of malignancy indication 47709007
Articular gout indication 48440001 DOID:13189
Edema of larynx indication 51599000
Nephrotic syndrome indication 52254009 DOID:1184
Lichen simplex chronicus indication 53891004
Systemic lupus erythematosus indication 55464009 DOID:9074
Allergic rhinitis indication 61582004
Löffler's syndrome indication 64936001 DOID:9503
Pemphigus indication 65172003 DOID:9182
Granuloma annulare indication 65508009 DOID:3777
Tenosynovitis indication 67801009 DOID:970
Alopecia areata indication 68225006 DOID:986
Rheumatoid arthritis indication 69896004 DOID:7148
Transfusion reaction due to serum protein reaction indication 72284000
Epicondylitis indication 73583000 DOID:14087
Acquired thrombocytopenia indication 74576004 DOID:11126
Thyroiditis indication 82119001 DOID:7166
Bursitis indication 84017003 DOID:2965
Autoimmune disease indication 85828009
Infection by larvae of Trichinella spiralis indication 88264003
Congenital hypoplastic anemia indication 88854002 DOID:1339
Acute lymphoid leukemia indication 91857003 DOID:9952
Disorder of skin indication 95320005 DOID:37
Subacute bursitis indication 109298000
Dermatitis herpetiformis indication 111196000 DOID:8505
Hodgkin's disease indication 118599009
Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma indication 118601006
Mycosis fungoides indication 118618005
Aspiration pneumonitis indication 155597006
Asthma indication 195967001 DOID:2841
Discoid lupus erythematosus indication 200938002
Plaque psoriasis indication 200965009
Transplanted organ rejection indication 213148006
Congenital adrenal hyperplasia indication 237751000
Adrenogenital disorder indication 267395000 DOID:0050811
Eruption of skin indication 271807003 DOID:0050486
Follicular non-Hodgkin's lymphoma indication 308121000
Disorder of eye indication 371405004 DOID:5614
Primary adrenocortical insufficiency indication 373662000
Adrenal cortical hypofunction indication 386584007 DOID:10493
Erythroderma indication 399992009
Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis indication 410795001
Autoimmune hemolytic anemia indication 413603009 DOID:718
Synovitis indication 416209007 DOID:2703
Post traumatic osteoarthritis indication 699262001
Synovitis due to Osteoarthritis indication
Transfusion Reaction Urticaria indication
Systemic Dermatomyositis indication
Cystic Aponeurosis Tumor indication
Diagnostic Test for Cushing's Syndrome indication
Erythroblastic Anemia indication
Pericarditis off-label use 3238004 DOID:1787
Chronic obstructive lung disease off-label use 13645005 DOID:3083
West syndrome off-label use 28055006
Vasculitis off-label use 31996006 DOID:865
Bronchitis off-label use 32398004 DOID:6132
Eczema off-label use 43116000
Respiratory distress syndrome in the newborn off-label use 46775006
Nasal polyp off-label use 52756005
Rheumatic fever off-label use 58718002 DOID:1586
Pseudogout off-label use 60782007
Polymyalgia rheumatica off-label use 65323003 DOID:853
Chronic hepatitis off-label use 76783007 DOID:2237
Pemphigoid off-label use 86142006
Hepatic necrosis off-label use 87248009
Multiple myeloma off-label use 109989006 DOID:9538
Polyarteritis nodosa off-label use 155441006 DOID:9810
Celiac disease off-label use 396331005 DOID:10608
Carditis off-label use 399617002
Giant cell arteritis off-label use 414341000 DOID:13375
Hypercalcemia associated with Sarcoidosis off-label use
Neonatal Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia off-label use
Infection by Strongyloides contraindication 1214006 DOID:10955
Mycosis contraindication 3218000 DOID:1564
Gastritis contraindication 4556007 DOID:4029
Inactive tuberculosis contraindication 11999007
Peptic ulcer contraindication 13200003 DOID:750
Hypercholesterolemia contraindication 13644009
Measles contraindication 14189004 DOID:8622
Cirrhosis of liver contraindication 19943007 DOID:5082
Arginase deficiency contraindication 23501004 DOID:9278
Immunosuppression contraindication 38013005
Hypertensive disorder contraindication 38341003 DOID:10763
Infectious disease contraindication 40733004
Hypothyroidism contraindication 40930008 DOID:1459
Hypokalemia contraindication 43339004
Chronic heart failure contraindication 48447003
Cerebral malaria contraindication 53622003 DOID:14069
Tuberculosis contraindication 56717001
Congenital hyperammonemia, type I contraindication 62522004
Osteoporosis contraindication 64859006 DOID:11476
Psychotic disorder contraindication 69322001
Diabetes mellitus contraindication 73211009 DOID:9351
Hypopituitarism contraindication 74728003 DOID:9406
Hyperglycemia contraindication 80394007 DOID:4195
Open-angle glaucoma contraindication 84494001 DOID:1067
Muscle atrophy contraindication 88092000 DOID:767
Herpes simplex contraindication 88594005 DOID:8566
Bilateral cataracts contraindication 95722004
Seizure disorder contraindication 128613002
Disorder of muscle contraindication 129565002 DOID:423
Ophthalmic herpes simplex contraindication 186542001
Anastomosis of intestine contraindication 235407009
Edema contraindication 267038008
Pathological fracture contraindication 268029009
Diverticulitis of gastrointestinal tract contraindication 271366000
Cerebral trauma contraindication 275382005
Varicella-zoster virus infection contraindication 309465005
Osteopenia contraindication 312894000
Avascular necrosis of bone contraindication 397758007 DOID:10159
Citrullinemia contraindication 398680004 DOID:9273
Traumatic rupture of tendon contraindication 415749005
Exposure to varicella contraindication 444453009
Arginosuccinate Lyase Deficiency contraindication
Ornithine Carbamyltransferase Deficiency contraindication

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Acid dissociation constants calculated using MoKa v3.0.0

Dissociation levelDissociation constantType (acidic/basic)
pKa1 10.57 acidic
pKa2 12.44 acidic

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Bioactivity Summary:

TargetClassPharosUniProtActionTypeActivity value
Bioact sourceMoA source
Glucocorticoid receptor Nuclear hormone receptor AGONIST CHEMBL CHEMBL

External reference:

4017598 VUID
N0000178996 NUI
4017598 VANDF
4017599 VANDF
C0040867 UMLSCUI
10759 RXNORM
3078 MMSL
4582 MMSL
5613 MMSL
5615 MMSL
d00620 MMSL
002188 NDDF
002190 NDDF
016282 NDDF
116594009 SNOMEDCT_US
116595005 SNOMEDCT_US
C0040864 UMLSCUI
755 INN_ID

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