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Stem definitionDrug idCAS RN
2284 58-40-2



Molfile Inchi Smiles


  • promazine
  • prazin
  • prazine
  • romtiazin
  • promazine hydrochloride
  • promazine HCl
A phenothiazine with actions similar to CHLORPROMAZINE but with less antipsychotic activity. It is primarily used in short-term treatment of disturbed behavior and as an antiemetic.
  • Molecular weight: 284.42
  • Formula: C17H20N2S
  • CLOGP: 4.60
  • HAC: 2
  • HDO: 0
  • TPSA: 6.48
  • ALOGS: -4.14
  • ROTB: 4

  • Status: OFM

  • Legend:
    OFP - off patent
    OFM - off market
    ONP - on patent

Drug dosage:

0.30 g O
0.10 g P

ADMET properties:

BDDCS (Biopharmaceutical Drug Disposition Classification System) 1 Benet LZ, Broccatelli F, Oprea TI
S (Water solubility) 333.33 mg/mL Benet LZ, Broccatelli F, Oprea TI
EoM (Fraction excreted unchanged in urine) 2 % Benet LZ, Broccatelli F, Oprea TI
MRTD (Maximum Recommended Therapeutic Daily Dose) 50.23 ┬ÁM/kg/day Contrera JF, Matthews EJ, Kruhlak NL, Benz RD
BA (Bioavailability) 16.25 % Kim MT, Sedykh A, Chakravarti SK, Saiakhov RD, Zhu H
Vd (Volume of distribution) 8.10 L/kg Lombardo F, Berellini G, Obach RS
CL (Clearance) 14 mL/min/kg Lombardo F, Berellini G, Obach RS
fu (Fraction unbound in plasma) 0.11 % Lombardo F, Berellini G, Obach RS
t_half (Half-life) 7.90 hours Lombardo F, Berellini G, Obach RS


April 13, 1956 FDA

FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Female)


FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (Male)


Pharmacologic Action:

Phenothiazines with aliphatic side-chain
CHEBI has role CHEBI:48561 dopaminergic antagonist
CHEBI has role CHEBI:37955 H1-receptor antagonist
CHEBI has role CHEBI:48876 muscarinic antagonist
CHEBI has role CHEBI:48279 serotonergic antagonist
CHEBI has role CHEBI:37930 phenothiazine antipsychotic drug
CHEBI has role CHEBI:50919 antiemetic
MeSH PA D000932 Antiemetics
MeSH PA D014150 Antipsychotic Agents
MeSH PA D002491 Central Nervous System Agents
MeSH PA D002492 Central Nervous System Depressants
MeSH PA D015259 Dopamine Agents
MeSH PA D018492 Dopamine Antagonists
MeSH PA D005765 Gastrointestinal Agents
MeSH PA D018377 Neurotransmitter Agents
MeSH PA D018373 Peripheral Nervous System Agents
MeSH PA D011619 Psychotropic Drugs
MeSH PA D014149 Tranquilizing Agents

Drug Use (View source of the data)

Dermatographic urticaria indication 7632005 DOID:743
Nausea and vomiting indication 16932000
Angioedema indication 41291007 DOID:1558
General anesthesia indication 50697003
Disruptive behavior disorder indication 54319003
Schizophrenia indication 58214004 DOID:5419
Allergic rhinitis indication 61582004
Nasal discharge indication 64531003
Nasal congestion indication 68235000
Psychotic disorder indication 69322001
Sneezing indication 76067001
Urticaria indication 126485001
Bipolar affective disorder, current episode manic indication 191618007
Acute intermittent porphyria indication 234422006 DOID:3890
Itching of skin indication 418363000
Vomiting indication 422400008
Nausea indication 422587007
Allergic conjunctivitis indication 473460002 DOID:11204
Pre-Op Apprehension indication
Tetanus Adjunct Treatment indication
Intractable Hiccups indication
Alcoholism contraindication 7200002
Organophosphate poisoning contraindication 8260003
Weight gain finding contraindication 8943002
Neuroleptic malignant syndrome contraindication 15244003 DOID:14464
Senile dementia contraindication 15662003
Chronic disease of respiratory system contraindication 17097001
Myocardial infarction contraindication 22298006 DOID:5844
Glaucoma contraindication 23986001 DOID:1686
Orthostatic hypotension contraindication 28651003
Torsades de pointes contraindication 31722008
Parkinsonism contraindication 32798002
Conduction disorder of the heart contraindication 44808001
Chronic heart failure contraindication 48447003
Bradycardia contraindication 48867003
Extrapyramidal disease contraindication 76349003
Hyperglycemia contraindication 80394007 DOID:4195
Epilepsy contraindication 84757009 DOID:1826
Leukopenia contraindication 84828003 DOID:615
Stupor contraindication 89458003
Tardive dyskinesia contraindication 102449007
Prolonged QT interval contraindication 111975006
Acute disease of cardiovascular system contraindication 128487001
Angina pectoris contraindication 194828000
Disease of liver contraindication 235856003 DOID:409
Metabolic syndrome X contraindication 237602007 DOID:14221
Hyperprolactinemia contraindication 237662005 DOID:12700
Benign prostatic hyperplasia contraindication 266569009
Retention of urine contraindication 267064002
Anemia contraindication 271737000 DOID:2355
Thrombocytopenic disorder contraindication 302215000 DOID:1588
Neutropenic disorder contraindication 303011007 DOID:1227
Coma contraindication 371632003
At risk for aspiration contraindication 371736008
Visual impairment contraindication 397540003
Breastfeeding (mother) contraindication 413712001
Myocardial ischemia contraindication 414795007 DOID:3393
Obesity contraindication 414916001 DOID:9970
Congenital long QT syndrome contraindication 442917000
Carcinoma of female breast contraindication 447782002
Smokes tobacco daily contraindication 449868002

Acid dissociation constants calculated using MoKa v3.0.0

Dissociation levelDissociation constantType (acidic/basic)
pKa1 9.04 Basic
pKa2 3.55 Basic

Orange Book patent data (new drug applications)


Orange Book exclusivity data (new drug applications)


Bioactivity Summary:

TargetClassPharosUniProtActionTypeActivity value
Bioact sourceMoA source
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2A GPCR ANTAGONIST Ki 7.80 WOMBAT-PK CHEMBL
D(2) dopamine receptor GPCR ANTAGONIST Ki 6.70 WOMBAT-PK CHEMBL
Sigma non-opioid intracellular receptor 1 Membrane receptor Ki 6.94 DRUG MATRIX
Sodium-dependent serotonin transporter Transporter Ki 7.34 DRUG MATRIX
Sodium-dependent noradrenaline transporter Transporter Ki 7.89 DRUG MATRIX
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1A GPCR Ki 5.53 DRUG MATRIX
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2B GPCR Ki 6.66 DRUG MATRIX
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 2C GPCR Ki 7.28 DRUG MATRIX
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 6 GPCR Ki 6.90 DRUG MATRIX
Histamine H2 receptor GPCR Ki 5.55 DRUG MATRIX
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M2 GPCR Ki 6.41 DRUG MATRIX
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M3 GPCR Ki 7.06 DRUG MATRIX
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M4 GPCR Ki 7.38 DRUG MATRIX
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M5 GPCR Ki 7.34 DRUG MATRIX
Alpha-2C adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 7.43 DRUG MATRIX
Cytochrome P450 2D6 Enzyme IC50 6.52 DRUG MATRIX
Alpha-1D adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 8.43 DRUG MATRIX
Solute carrier family 22 member 1 Transporter IC50 4.76 CHEMBL
Sodium channel alpha subunits; brain (Types I, II, III) Ion channel IC50 5.27 CHEMBL
Major prion protein Surface antigen EC50 5.30 CHEMBL
D(3) dopamine receptor GPCR ANTAGONIST Ki 6.80 WOMBAT-PK
Aldehyde oxidase Enzyme IC50 5.80 WOMBAT-PK
Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor M1 GPCR Ki 6.83 WOMBAT-PK
Histamine H1 receptor GPCR Ki 8.70 WOMBAT-PK
Alpha-2B adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 6.50 WOMBAT-PK
Alpha-1A adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 8.23 WOMBAT-PK
FAD-linked sulfhydryl oxidase ALR Enzyme AC50 5.89 CHEMBL
D(1A) dopamine receptor GPCR Ki 5.91 DRUG MATRIX
Alpha-2A adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 6.90 DRUG MATRIX
Alpha-1B adrenergic receptor GPCR Ki 8.34 DRUG MATRIX
Membrane-associated progesterone receptor component 1 Membrane receptor Ki 5.81 DRUG MATRIX
Dopamine receptor GPCR IC50 5.98 CHEMBL
Trypanothione reductase Enzyme Ki 4.23 CHEMBL
Pleiotropic ABC efflux transporter of multiple drugs Transporter IC50 4.95 CHEMBL
Dopamine receptor GPCR IC50 6.89 CHEMBL
Histamine H1 receptor GPCR IC50 5.90 CHEMBL
5-hydroxytryptamine receptor 1A GPCR IC50 5.29 CHEMBL
Alpha-1A adrenergic receptor GPCR IC50 8.03 CHEMBL

External reference:

4019909 VUID
N0000147994 NUI
C0033399 UMLSCUI
44658005 SNOMEDCT_US
4019909 VANDF
7219 MMSL
372741002 SNOMEDCT_US
d00356 MMSL
004588 NDDF
600 INN_ID

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