PACKAGE LABEL.PRINCIPAL DISPLAY PANEL. BULK CARBON DIOXIDE USP CERTIFICATE OF ANALYSIS This is to certify that the carbon dioxide produced at on meets the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) specifications, the requirements of Federal Specifications BB-C-101 Grade and QVL of CGA G6.2. This product was manufactured at facility registered with the Federal Food and Drug Administration and is approved for prescription drug use. This product is not guaranteed to meet any other specification or intended for pesticide use. Furthermore, batch number and lot number which was loaded on and filled at comprises this shipment and was analyzed as shown below. Analytical results are generated using USP monograph or validated equivalent methods. RequirementTest MethodLimit of DetectionSpecification LimitAnalysis ResultsCarbon Dioxide Assay (CO2)Zahm Nagel99.00%>= 99.0%Nitrogen Oxides (NOx)Detector Tube0.5 ppm2.5 ppm eachAmmonia (NH3)Detector Tube0.25 ppm25 ppmTotal SulfurAnalyzer10 ppb1000 ppbCarbon Monoxide (CO)Detector Tube0.5 ppm10 ppmMoisture (H2O)Analyzer0.5 ppm200 ppm or -33F Dew PointNote: 1) Positive Carbon Dioxide Identification is achieved when the Assay results demonstrate meeting the specification.2) The limit of detection (LOD) for each test method is the threshold value for results to be reported with certainty in the accuracy of results. test result outside the detection limit for the test method will be reported as ND.3) ND=None Detected4)ppm= parts per million by volume, ppb=parts per billion by volume, 1ppm=1,000 ppb5) H2S, SO2, and other sulfur species are included in the total sulfur amount Product analyzed using Messer Premier Guard Analysis suite Analyst Date: Reviewed and released by: Date: March 2019CO2-22-06-RNA-Medical Gas USP ProceduresPage of 1Retention Period 3 years.