Large neutral amino acids transporter small subunit 1


  • Accession: Q63016
  • Swissprot: LAT1_RAT
  • Organism: Rattus norvegicus
  • Gene: Slc7a5
  • Target class: Transporter

Drug Relations:

An alkylating nitrogen mustard that is used as an antineoplastic in the form of the levo isomer - MELPHALAN, the racemic mixture - MERPHALAN, and the dextro isomer - MEDPHALAN; toxic to bone marrow, but little vesicant action; potential carcinogen. Bioactivity details MOA
An essential aromatic amino acid that is a precursor of MELANIN; DOPAMINE; noradrenalin (NOREPINEPHRINE), and THYROXINE. Bioactivity details MOA