DNA gyrase subunit A


  • Accession: P43700
  • Swissprot: GYRA_HAEIN
  • Organism: Haemophilus influenzae (strain ATCC 51907 / DSM 11121 / KW20 / Rd)
  • Gene: gyrA
  • Target class: Enzyme

Drug Relations:

A broad-spectrum 6-fluoronaphthyridinone antibacterial agent that is structurally related to NALIDIXIC ACID. Bioactivity details MOA
A synthetic broad-spectrum fluoroquinolone with antibacterial activity. Lomefloxacin inhibits DNA gyrase, a type II topoisomerase involved in the induction or relaxation of supercoiling during DNA replication. This inhibition leads to a decrease in DNA synthesis during bacterial replication, resulting in cell growth inhibition and eventually cell lysis. Bioactivity details MOA