Serum albumin


  • Accession: P02769
  • Swissprot: ALBU_BOVIN
  • Organism: Bos taurus
  • Gene: ALB
  • Target class: Secreted

Drug Relations:

A nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent with analgesic properties used in the treatment of RHEUMATISM and ARTHRITIS. Concerns that anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen may worsen COVID-19 circulated widely in the early months of the pandemic. FDA has stated that it is not aware of scientific evidence connecting the use of NSAIAs, such as ibuprofen, with worsening COVID-19 symptoms and will communicate publicly when more information is available. Bioactivity details MOA
A flavonol glycoside found in many plants, including BUCKWHEAT; TOBACCO; FORSYTHIA; HYDRANGEA; VIOLA, etc. It has been used therapeutically to decrease capillary fragility. Bioactivity details MOA