Multidrug resistance protein 1A


  • Accession: P21447
  • Swissprot: MDR1A_MOUSE
  • Organism: Mus musculus
  • Gene: Abcb1a
  • Target class: Unclassified

Drug Relations:

A progestational and glucocorticoid hormone antagonist. Its inhibition of progesterone induces bleeding during the luteal phase and in early pregnancy by releasing endogenous prostaglandins from the endometrium or decidua. As a glucocorticoid receptor antagonist, the drug has been used to treat hypercortisolism in patients with nonpituitary CUSHING SYNDROME. Bioactivity details MOA
A mixture of flavonoids extracted from seeds of the MILK THISTLE, Silybum marianum. It consists primarily of silybin and its isomers, silicristin and silidianin. Silymarin displays antioxidant and membrane stabilizing activity. It protects various tissues and organs against chemical injury, and shows potential as an antihepatoxic agent. Bioactivity details MOA